Do not accept the way things have always been done, as the only way they can be done

More than 20 years ago, when “cybersecurity” was still called “logical security”, the “bad guys” were just amateurs (computer science students, telecommunications engineers, etc.).

Their only goal was to skip the existing security barriers and break into certain networks and / or entities, obtaining the recognition of friends, family and colleagues. web isolation

By then, the response of the sector and the solution proposed was already to prosecute offenders with the available resources.

Over the years,  the “bad guys” have evolved. Instead of amateurs, now we are talking about perfectly organized mafias.

To the point that, in some cases, they have even managed to become key actors within some governments.

All this resulted in a greater distance between “good guys” and “bad guys”.

But…How could all of this have happened? How is it possible that by investing in complex tools, dedicated products, more robust architectures, better equipment, security-oriented infrastructures … not only have we not come closer, but we are even further away from the “bad ones” than we were 20 years ago?

The answer lies in the traditional or reactive approach that has been adopted until today. web isolation

So far, most of the tools have been based on the same premises:

  • Analyze
  • Detect
  • And (if remedation was possible) patch any type of threat.

This tactical or reactive approach has been the quick response of the sector. However, what about zero-day attacks? And those threats that “have no solution”?

Under this approach, there is no possible remediation.

And that is where RITech, our web isolation technology, came into play. RITech was created as a result of turning this approach around, evolving from a reactive approach to a proactive solution. Understanding the need to stop being one step behind threats and, offering a solution that prevents them from reaching their targets.

RITech is a disruptive solution, which, instead of detecting and analyzing threats, isolates them.  The whole process is done without differentiating between good or bad content. The only way to be protected today is to distrust everything.

How does RITech work?

RITech creates isolation environments or “airgaps” between secure and unsecure networks. All this, with the maximum guarantees of security, usability and availability.

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