1. In web isolation, what do we mean by “logical and customized desktops”?

Why do companies pay so much if not all employees need access to the same apps and/or OS?. With ICTech 360 users can access, in real time, remote desktops, customized with the applications and/or OS they need. As a result, unused licenses can be avoided.

2. How easy is to access ICTech? Do my employees have to remember another password?

No. ICTech leverages existing corporate authentication systems. It also allows mobile workers to access corporate applications and data from any location.

3. Does ICTech isolate my employees when they connect both internally and externally?

Yes, ICTech isolates all your employees, regardless of their location.

4. My company is investing a lot in Web Analytics. Is web isolation compatible with web analytics application?

Yes. ICTech is fully integrated with the different web analytics software.

5. Some of our business applications have become obsolete and it is too risky to publish them on the Internet

ICTech, through its AGS product, isolates all the web applications we need (legacy or not), not only from their own vulnerabilities but also from any potential threat in user devices.

6. Is ICTech compatible with the configuration of our proxy? Will I still be able to maintain my blacklist policies?

Yes. ICTech can be installed in the security architecture of the company avoiding losing features of the current elements.

7. If I want to integrate ICTech, do I have to modify the architecture of my network? 

No. Our web isolation technology has been designed to have the minimal impact on your company´s security architecture.

8. Does ICTech allow users to configure security policies?

Yes, security policies can be easily and intuitively managed from the administration console.

9. Today, most of the products use external software pieces, what external pieces are used in ICTech?

None, in the core of our product we do not use software that has not been developed by us. Consequently, we can be sure that no part has vulnerabilities.

10. Do we need to install anything to use ICTech?

No. No software or plugins are needed. All you need is a web browser.