The daily appearance of malware and other kind of threats make that Cybersecurity is right now one of the most expose sectors in the companies and organizations.

Since 2006 the malware evolution has been increasing exponential, having detected in 2015 370 millions of malware samples.

At the same time the programming attacks, that are really critics and dangerous for the companies, organizations and government.

Most vulnerable sectors

The most vulnerable sectors to be attacked are:

  1. Healthcare.
  2. Manufacturing Process.
  3. Financial Sector.
  4. Governments.

Annual investment

The attacks to the Cybersecurity, cost to the companies between 375 to 575 billions of euros per year. Of which are distributed in online fraud (38%), reparation of consequences, information theft (21%) and others (17%).

It is estimated that for 2020 there will be 50.000 million of connected devices to the network. This numbers just highlight the importance of being ready with our devices in order to all kind of attacks that we may suffer.

From Randed, we work in order to avoid all this kind of threats of the Cybersecurity that are present on the Internet.

How we do it?

Through our technology “Randed Isolation Technology (RITech)”, creating an isolated environments in which every web application needed by the user can be accessed from any device within a secure environment, offering an absolutely native experience.

The problem


Security problems to the expose applications and Legacy systems.

A lot of companies still having information in obsolete systems.  Due the high cost of the update and even, in some cases , the impossibility of reschedule them. This generate not having enough trust due to the dangerous that can be exposed on the Internet.

Exposed services to the Internet /Shielding applications

Intranet, Home Banking, Critical Infrastructures, etc. to which any validated person can enter. In these situations, what the company wants is to prevent any malware from entering in your system when we connect from another point and / or device.

Payment methods

Fraud in the payments methods and services using Internet made with the Virtual POST.

Very complex architecture for the security of transactions in Virtual POST.

However, this kind of payment methods, which use is increasing every day,  does nothing more that increase the number of devices expose to vulnerabilities in the network. This fact can derivate in a big problem for the company and also for the consumer.

The solution: AGS

Isolated environments. Isolate any kind of threat present in the external user devices that access to your web applications.

How we do it? Shielding all the applications that are executed by any external user, isolating it against any threats present in your device and protecting it from the vulnerabilities.

Main characteristics

  • Session recording.
  • Shielding applications.
  • No software,no plugins.
  • Multidevice, O.S and browser.

The problem

Not 100% secure browsing


Employees that want to browse on the internet through the companies devices in order to visit a specific website.

However, the problem that the company can face in this case is the possibility of being infected by a malware that is inside of the visit webpage.

It is really critic that the malware can access to the company information or ransomware any kind of computer or files.

The  solution: AGU

Secure browsing.

Prevent that any kind of malware on the Internet can access to your company.

How we do it? Isolating the employees browsing session. Both if they connect inside and outside of the company, so that web based threats cannot be introduced into their devices and the internal system are keeping secure.

 Main characteristics

  • Delete any risk of malware.
  • No software, no plugins.
  • Complete browsing audit session.
  • Centralized control of web security policy.

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