Nacional Cyber Security Strategy (ECN):

Approved by the Spanish Government in 2013, this strategy, defines the cyberspace environment and sets the principles, the objectives and the lines of action to fully guarantee national cybersecurity. Organized into 5 chapters, ECN establishes the three organisms in charge of preventing and managing any crisis: The National Security Council, the Specialized Cyber Security Committee and the Specialized Situation Committee.

Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE):

Operates under the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda and it is responsible for the defense of the cyberspace used by SMEs and citizens. This organism, investigates, provides services and coordinates with the competent agents to increase the ability to detect new threats, to improve the response time to the incidents and to reinforce the resilience of organizations. In addition, INCIBE designs preventive measures that fit the needs of society and critical infrastructures.

Telematics Group Crimes of the Civil Guard (GDT) and Technological Investigation Brigade (BIT):

Units of the Civil Guard and the National Police respectively, these two institutions are in charge of investigating and solving Internet crimes such as: cases of cyberterrorism, cybercrime, cyberbullying and child pornography among others.

The National Center for the Protection of Critical Infraestructures (CNPIC):

Reporting to the Ministry of Interior, it is responsible for protecting critical Spanish infrastructures and acts as a point of contact for the European Commission and managers of critical infrastructures (water, health, finance, food, energy, transport, administration, etc.).

National Cryptologic Center (CCN-CERT):

Is a Spanish organization within National Intelligence Center (CNI). It is responsible for ensuring the security of the information technologies in all areas.

The CERTs of the Autonomous Regions:

These organizations prevent, detect and respond to regional cybersecurity incidents.

The Armed Forces Joint Cyber Defense Command (EMAD):

Guarantees secure access to the Internet and protects military computer networks.

Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD):

Is an agency of the Spanish Government. It is responsible for ensuring that data collected and stored by Public Administrations and/or companies is well protected.

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