We can’t stop hearing and seeing in the different media (Newspaper, television, radio, Social Media…) and every day all the news about Internet.

All of it are related with threats, attacks, all kind of malware… that are currently taking place for a lot of companies around the world. No matter the size of your company or where you are.In the time of the Internet, you are always a possible TARGET.

So companies should be aware of what are the newest software, tools… any kind of product that your company may need in order to be protect against the possible attacks.

For example, with the Ransomware, Wanna cry, that took place a few weeks ago, one of the services affected directly in the UK   was the Healthcare.

It was such a big problems because a lot of operations and other process were stopped because the operating rooms, the instruments and machines that they use in order to operate, were not working.

As we can imagine we are talking about something really dangerous because it was the lives of some people in danger. With this terrible situation we can imagine what having a malware or any other kind of threat can mean for a place that works in order to save lives.

Top 5 industries more attack

An example of what is the real situation is if we take a look to the industries most attacked back in 2015 were:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Financial services
  4. Government
  5. Transportation

A new approach

Being aware of what is going on and with a new and disruptive point of view, from Randed, we presented a new paradigm under our exclusive technology, RITech.

This technology takes the browser as the main piece offering a 100% secure environment against any kind of threat.

Under this specific technology, we offer three products that fill the gap for different needs that a company can demand in order to be protected in the Cybersecurity field.

It is the case of our product AGS (Air Gap User) that shields of all your company web applications that are executed by any external user, isolating them from any threat in your(s) device(s) on streaming and protecting them from vulnerabilities.

The main characteristics of AGS

  • Interactive streaming.
  • No software and no plugins in order to be install.
  • It works for Multidevice, Operative System and any kind of browser.
  • Session recording and Audit.
  • Easy development.
  • Application shielding.

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