Changing world

A changing world in the globalized world in which we currently live, where technology constlantly  changes in which there is a new technological trend every day, and in a world in which our devices( smartphones, wearebles, tablets…) are another part of us .

What is going to happen with our information?

This situation makes that all our personal and confidential information can be exposed without event notice. The exposition can be any threat of any kind of hacking, Ransomware, phishing.  The risk in outside waiting the right opportunity to enter and infect your device.

For this reason, now more than ever, we should maintain all our devices safe in order not to be the target of any threat.

New technologies

The new technologies are our allies in order to deal with all these problems. Without going further, in Randed, we present an exclusive isolation technology, under RITech which taking the browser as the main and most important piece, it offers a disruptive technology which isolate and gives you a 100% secure web environment to deal with any possible threat.

A new disruptive technology

It is under this disruptive technology that our product AGU is. AGU (Air Gap User) is a product that isolates the employees browsing sessions, whether they connect inside or outside the company, so that the threats present on the web cannot be entered into their devices and keep the internal systems secure. AGU secures web browsing

AGU prevents web threats from being introduced to company employee devices, as well as it is valid for any browser and / or operating system,which  makes this product a great opportunity in terms of the security of the environments of the devices that we want to protect.

The main characteristics of AGU are:

  • Elimination of risk from malware.
  • No software or plugins.
  • Multi-device, S.O. And browser.
  • Audit of navigation sessions.
  • Navigation experience unchanged.
  • Centralized management of web security policy.

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