Our daily life is surrounded by a lot of devices connected to each other. At home, in our workplace or even in the car with the GPS… Digital watches, intelligence fridges and televisions, mobiles, tablets…  The use of the intelligence devices is super integrated in our life.

That the reason why the way of designing the Ransomware attacks, are getting bigger and changing every day. Adapting it to the use that we give to these devices. So it arrives to our lives without even notice it. However, the cybercriminals  are there, waiting for any wrong movement that we can do/ take and steal our private and confidential information that we saved in the different devices.

Every day

In these last weeks, we have seen in the different Media news about very important companies related with this word. The truth is that any Public, private or anonymous person is potential target of being hack.


The word Ransomware, comes from mixing two words de ‘ransom’ plus ‘ware’.

What is ecaxtly a Ransomware?

The Ransomware is not more that the virtual kidnapping of confidential and /or private information from our device made by a third party.  What that person wants is a quantity of money in return of the stolen information.

Types* of Ransomware

We can find the following categories:

  • Encryption Ransomware: It encrypts personal files and folders (documents, spread sheets, pictures, and videos).The affected files are deleted once they have been encrypted, and users generally encounter a text file with instructions for payment in the same folder as the now-inaccessible files. You may discover the problem only when you attempt to open one of these files.Some, but not all types of encryption software show a ‘lock screen’
  • Lock Screen Ransomware: It locks the computer’s screen and demands payment. It presents a full screen image that blocks all other windows. No personal files are encrypted.
  • Ransomware Master Boot Record: The Master Boot Record (MBR) is the part of the computer’s hard drive that allows the operating system to boot up. MBR ransomware changes the computer’s MBR so that the normal boot process is interrupted. Instead, a ransom demand is displayed on the screen.
  • Ransomware encrypting web servers: It targets webservers and encrypts a number of the files on it. Known vulnerabilities in the Content Management Systems are often used to deploy ransomware on web services.
  • mobile device Ransomware (Android): Mobile devices (mostly Android) can be infected via “drive-by downloads”. They can also get infected through fake apps that masquerade as popular services such as Adobe Flash or an anti-virus product.

Each time more sophisticated

The sophistication of the Ransomware are adapting to the user. Since today all kind of device is potential of suffering any Ransomware attack. It is as this point when we need to be careful with the kind of email that, at first, doesn’t look as dangerous but if we pay more attention you will find it might be really is.

Which is the target?

It is really focus on Enterprises and SME.

In the SME the workers education concerning Cybersecurity is quite low if you compare with other companies. This fact, plus the SME are more susceptible to pay the ransom that the cybercriminal ask for in order to preserve the information, makes that they are a clear target to be attack.

Also anonymous network users

However, it is not only a problem that affects to the Enterprises, the anonymous users can be the victims too.

An example of this is La Agencia Tributaria, the Spanish Agency for taxes. An email supplanting the entity has been received by a few people. In this email there is a macro, in which the ransomware is hide. As the user doesn´t know anything they open the file letting enter in the system the malware. The uncertainty  is getting bigger when the user doesn’t know how to process and if it is better to pay the ransom or not.

The problem is real

The problem is real and the worst part is that almost all the time is not possible to identify who has developed the ransomware. Moreover, in some cases, the cybercriminal are working from another countries.

The solution

The solutions in order not to be a victim of Ransomware are beware of the emails that you received, payin attention to the sender, being beware with the kind of websites that you visit in whcih you fill personal information. And of course having our devices prtected is also a key point .  *Categorización hecha por la web nomoreransomware, Página web creada por una serie de empresas del sector de la Ciberseguridad con el fin de informar sobre el “Ransoware” .

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