Personal Webmail Isolation

What is it?

By isolating user access to personal webmail accounts, organizations are protected against malware attacks, leakage of confidential information, ransomware or credential theft, among others. RITech creates a private communication channel to isolate access to non-corporate webmail accounts. Email links also open in isolation. In addition to all this, administrators can set security policies to control potentially dangerous actions, such as downloads and uploads, copy and paste, etc. RITech personal webmail does not requires software installation or plug-ins and the user experience is preserved.

Personal Webmail Isolation

Reason why

Access to an environment not controlled by the company can generate a security breach in corporate networks and information systems. Some of the main risks that companies face in this new scenario are: malware attacks, leakage of confidential information, phishing, ransomware or credential theft among others.

Insecure webmail providers

The security of personal webmail providers is beyond the control of the company. Therefore, if there is a vulnerability, employees´ devices may end up infected, putting the security of the entire organization at risk.

Malicious email attachments

When employees check their personal web at work open email attachments. It takes one employee to open a malicious attachment to infect the entire network.

Malicious links

Personal webmail may have links to malicious websites full of malware. This fact can generate a new security breach for the company.

Data leakage

In addition to opening the door for external threats to enter the corporate network, the use of personal webmail can also open the door for the extraction of confidential data. Users could use their personal webmail to send confidential and/or sensitive business information to the outside world, which would pose a great risk to the organization

Personal Wemail Isolation
How it works?

The cloud deployment model of RITech Personal Webmail offers organizations maximum guarantees in terms of performance and availability, as well as maximum flexibility and efficiency so that companies can easily and quickly manage the number of users that they want to protect.

RITech Personal Webmail

Main Features

RITech Personal Webmail disables the possibility that any type of threat can be effective within the organization, while allowing users to freely access their personal email account. Among its main features, the following stand out:

  • Use of personal webmail

    RITech Personal Webmail allows to use personal webmail of corporate users without harming the security of the company.

  • Files & links isolation

    RITech Personal Webmail protects your company from user´s email content

  • Data leakage protection

    RITech Personal Webmail prevents leakage of confidential information to non-corporate web emails.

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