Note: This post is the continuation of the post we published on July 4th. These posts make up an article that was published in the magazine SIC, No. 125 June 2017.

Isolation: How should it be a solution that isolates the described problems?

The requirements we would ask an isolation system to be really effective, completely transparent to the end user and scalable to the size of the hundreds of thousands of internal corporate users or the millions of web application clients of these could be the following:

●     100% Isolation

The isolation only applies if it is 100%. It is not worth 80%. An isolation system can not let pass video protocols, audio, because at any moment, these protocols will be used by organized crime to structure attacks.

  • Big scalability for big corporations

In order for an isolation system to be considered a serious candidate for solving current problems, it should be able to scale internally to protect corporations of more than 150.000 employees.

From the point of view of services provided by corporations, the Internet-exposed isolation system should be able to protect web applications with more than 20 million customers and 20.000 concurrent sessions.

  • Native experience

One of the most important aspects for the viability of an isolation system is that it does not modify the way the user works. That the user’s perception is native, that it means  that he or she does not notice if he has an isolation system that is protecting him or her or if he or she is working with the systems without protection.

  • Recording sessions

A complete isolation system should be able to provide an audit method, derived from the process that makes this type of technology.

Once the existence of an audit method is assumed, the ability to have a session recording system is derived, as well as a traceability module capable of analyzing the activity of the users.

●     In flight tokenization

We cannot consider that a complete isolation exists if it is not able to position itself between the application or service to be shielded and the user who navigates or accedes to them.

●     Sin software ni plugins

It must be inherent in isolation systems that the use of technology, in addition to 100% transparent, requires ensuring access without the need to use agents on devices from which users connect.

●     In the desktop, in the server on in the cloud

The deployment of isolation technologies has to be a fast, simple and effective process. This implies the need to adapt the system installation process according to the type of architecture available, in order to guarantee the optimal operation of the insulation solution provided.

You must be able to isolate both endpoints and servers, regardless of whether they are on corporate premises or in the cloud. Multidevice experience

The technology must be accessible from any place and with any device in order to guarantee a complete access, regardless of the end user device that you want to use at any time.

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