When was the concept  created?

When we talk about Machine Learning we  should start talking about Artur Samuel . He was the first person on coined the term “Machine Learning”. He defines this concept back in 1959 as a “Computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programme”.

Other definitions:

A long time has come by since he coined that term. However, the concept still really popular increasing every day, among other things, due the IoT. In fact the definition that we find in The Collins English Dictionary defines Machine learning as a “Branch of artificial intelligence in which a computer generates rules underlying or based on raw data that has been fed into it”.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the concept as “The capacity of a computer to learn from experience, i.e. to modify its processing on the basis of newly acquired information.”

Fields that use Machine Learning

The machine learning is used in fields such as in Search engines, medical diagnostics, fraud detection in credit card use, stock market analysis, DNA sequence classification, speech and written language recognition, games and robotics…

How the machines learn?

In order to teach a machine we need to focus in the artificial intelligence because it is where the concept belong to. The idea is that the machine can predict what is going to happen without any human help.

To teach the machine it is necessary a lot of Big Data. This data must be organized and treated as a whole in order to use it in a good and efficiency way so the machine can work , even predicting future behaviors.

To sum up

As a conclusion we can say that is a really important to still working in the all possibilities that the Machine Learning has to offer to the society  in order to work properly and still moving forward to the future.

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