A real situation

In a real situation will be unimaginable, to think that we own a house or a car without any kind of insurance, in order to be ready in case that something can happen. The same should apply for all our personal and work devices.

However, when we talk about work,  security is not one of the main pillars, as a tool against any kind of threat.

Going forward

Although little by little we are starting to be more aware that  Cybersecurity is a really important aspect to take into account for companies and individuals, this philosophy has not yet fully penetrated society, so companies in general do not yet have priority.

In vogue

In different communication media we can read daily news in which they are talking of points like, for example that only 35% of Spanish companies have an incident response plan regarding cybersecurity or that Spain is the third country in the world which receives more cyber-attacks.

Another clear example of the real situation is that of the 115,000 incidents directly related to cyber-attacks, 480 incidents were directed towards critical infrastructures or that in the 6 months of 2017 have already detected 50,000 attacks have already been detected of which 247 have occurred in critical infrastructure. We should rethink many things.


Therefore, with the aim of avoiding more problems and of greater scope in the future as well as with the aim of finding ways to ensure these diffuse and rapidly changing digital environments in a more sophisticated way, ensuring that security is closely integrated with the elements Settings. In Randed we called Randed Isolation Technology (RITech). It is with this idea in mind that Randed developed its Isolation Technology.

What is Isolation Technology?

It is a solution with a new, more proactive strategic approach that does not rely on focusing on analyzing and / or detecting the problem, but on preventing threats from reaching their objectives before it is too late.

In this way, we create a completely isolated environment, transparent and accessible to everything that we want to protect. Thus, any unknown external factor is considered as a possible threat, ensuring total isolation of our objective.

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