The solution

A disruptive change

Different solutions need to be adopted to those approaches that have been made so far, disruptive technologies that foster a paradigm shift in the access to information. The solution is not to detect what is good and what is bad, but rather to prevent the threats from reaching the place in which they can be effective The solution to the problem is Randed Isolation Technology

  • Reinvention

    We provide a new approach with the main objective of reinventing the way in which we browse the Internet or access applications.

  • Accessibility

    Access for users will have to be possible from any device which can connect regardless of the operating system used.

  • Security

    Linked to the processes and the protection measures that these require, not to the devices used for access, browsing or generating the information.

Randed Isolation Technology

RITech is based on the Air Gap concept and defines that each application required by the user can be accessed and managed from any PC or device within a controlled, secure and independent environment, maintaining the same interface format, simply through a web browser.

By means of an in-flight rendering process, it manages to transform any source of information originating from a non-secure or contaminated environment into an accessible, secure and transparent presentation layer.


Technical features

Isolation Cloud Technology is a disruptive change as much in the way of understanding the browsing within your company, as in the access to applications and services that you have published on the web. Our insulation technology has a series of innovative features directed towards ensuring the shielding of your company's internal systems and the isolation of any threat present on the web.

  • In-flight rendering

  • No Software or plugins

  • Multi-device experience

  • Applications shield

  • Recording of sessions

  • Continuous tracking

  • Without risk of malware

  • Easy implementation

Air Gap Server

Isolates any application from the risks posed by the vulnerabilities present in the users' devices.

Discover AGS
Air gap User

Browse securely preventing web threats from gaining access to your users' devices.

Discover AGU
Air Gap Desktop

Access all of the applications needed for carrying out routine work in a secure, transparent and customized manner.

Discover AGD

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