There are currently 3.773 millions of Internet user in the world so we can not imagine our lives without Internet. It is part of daily lives , not only of our work but also in the personal life.  Everywhere, every time, every day… Internet is around us.

Daily situation

It is a normal situation to be in the bus, when you are going to your office, and navigate into the Internet in order to spend your time, or looking for some specific information for example if you are looking for a specific restaurant and you want to know other customer opinion.

With Internet we are able to establish any kind of communication with people that is living in the other part of the world, do any kind of transfer to anywhere in the world, call in live to someone….It is unbelievable how many things we can do now without even thinking about how it works.

Early begining

To know more about Internet we should come back to the past, more in deep to the Twentieth century in the late 60’s when the concept was created in the United States of America. Internet was the result of an experiment from the United States Department of Defense which materialized in the development of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network).

This network that linked universities and high technology centers with contractors of that department. This fact was a big step, taking into account what Internet means in our lives today we can say that the creation of it was a revolution. Since that moment it was possible to work between institutions and share documents and information

The first connection was between UCLA and Standford through a switched telephone network (That is defined as the set of elements consisting of all the transmission and switching means necessary to link two terminal equipment at will by means of a physical circuit, specific for communication. It is, therefore, a switched telecommunication network).

The definitive Internet

However it was not until the WWW (World Wide Web) that was created in 1990, when Internet become to be more popular far away the institutional and educational use that it had when it was created.

So know, please answer for yourself these following questions:

How many people do you know that is able to life without access to Internet? Do you imagine your life without it? How Internet has changed your life? And the life of the ones that are around you?

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