For those of you who may not be familiar with our technology IC Tech and its benefits, today will go through some of them:

In-flight rendering

The entire transformation process is done in real time. In other words, IC Tech turns the information source into an accessible, transparent and secure presentation layer, without affecting the user experience

No software, no plugins

IC Tech does not require any software or plugins, therefore accessing the technology is as simple as opening a web browser.

Multi-device experience

IC Tech is not only compatible with any web browser that supports HTML5, but also with any form factor (Tablet, laptop, desktop pc, Smartphone…) and any OS.

Session recording

Users can record, search and see what happens inside the isolation system. Consequently, IC Tech opens the door to new security capabilities.

Continuos tracking

With IC Tech it is also possible to fully monitor user actions and then export the information to a SIEM

No more false positives or false negatives with IC Tech

As already explained in a previous entry, ICTech means the end of false positives and false negatives.

No risk of malware

IC Tech goes one step beyond the distinction between good content and bad content. The technology directly prevents any potential threat from reaching its target before it is too late


The great scalability of IC Tech has been successfully proved in real customers

Less restrictive Internet policies

By isolating uncategorized sites, the privileges of certain users can be modified, thus allowing them to access more sites.

Legacy apps protection

As mentioned in a previous post, thanks to ICTech, legacy applications will no longer be a security nightmare for companies.

However, the best benefit of the technology, is that there are still many more. If after reading this post, you are interested in trying our technology and discovering its full potential, contact us!. Our professionals will be happy to help you.

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