Note: This post is the continuation of the post that we published on July 27, as well as the one corresponding to the 5th of July. And to that of 19 July. These make up an article that was published in the magazine SIC, Nº 125 of June of 2017.

Taking a look inside isolation system

One of the paths that open us in the near future is to be able to record, see, and look at what goes on inside the isolation system, it will bring us new protection capabilities that until now we had not even intuited.

One of the most interesting aspects of isolation systems is that they have at one point the ability to analyze all the activity of the users of the systems, whether employees, customers or collaborating companies. If the isolation system incorporates the ability to save in text mode what it converts to visualization protocols, the possibilities that open from the point of view of the knowledge of what happens inside the corporations can happen to a new stage.

●        Smart Isolation

Machine learning inside the insulation. By having the full flow of employee and customer sessions, you can begin to set up advanced analytics models to detect anomalies in Layer 8.

●        Smart recovery

The ability to see and analyze the type of applications that each employee uses that have to be connected to the inside of the companies, will allow to have a very accurate profile each employee. One of the great advantages of this type of knowledge will be to be able to instantly deliver to each employee a PC with the applications and configurations that it needs, always updated.

In the same way that firewalls changed security strategies two decades ago, isolation systems are beginning to be seen as a technology that will transform us concepts and models of protection of information systems.


In the protection of access to information it is necessary to adopt different solutions to the approaches that have been made so far, incorporating disruptive technologies that lead to a paradigm shift. The solution is not to detect what is good and what is bad, but to prevent threats from reaching the place where they can be effective.

Isolation technologies allow us to bring a new approach with the main objective of reinventing the way we surf the Internet or access any application.

Users’ access will have to be possible from any device with connection capability, regardless of the operating system used.

Security will be linked to the processes and protection measures they need, not to the devices they access, where the information travels or linked to who generates it.

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