How do future and Cybersecurity look like?

Many of you may ask yourself this question. Irremediable, the future is linked to Cybersecurity. You will ask the motives and are just how connected our lives are, between different devices and many areas of our life (work, personal, home …)

Who does not know the concept of IoT (Internet of Things), smart cities, AI (artificial intelligence), robotics, smart cars and a long etc?. All these terms that gradually come to our society and that are becoming a place to stay physically or integrated into other devices. 

For example, intelligent refrigerators and what connected to the wifi network, controls and manages the food that has stored, vacuum cleaners that are put into operation and cleaned alone…

Therefore, as each day we are more connected and increasingly in more sophisticated ways, Cybersecurity is a necessity, not a “complement” to the device.

Without going any further, we can recall and remember the hacks that occurred in the United States to certain public persons.

The need to protect all this confidential data, private … before all dangers in the network .: Ransomware, phishing … attacks so common that they have almost become a general vocabulary that we all know.

All these dangers present in the network make all protection is little, because nobody likes to be the victim of a personal information theft of any of their device or that steal your personal data and / or access and impersonate you .

As we see, all these are “dangers” with which users live together every day of our lives. From this situation, the importance that cybersecurity has and will continue to have in our lives stands out. But are we really aware of the consequences that can result from not using cybersecurity to protect us?

If something is clear is that the Cybersecurity and technology are going together . Because one needs the other one.

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