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Does the product offer any kind of tracking?

AGD performs a complete tracking of the user´s actions and can be exported to a SIEM. In addition, a video with the complete user session can be recorded, obtaining a complete forensic audit.

What technical characteristics needs the user´s computer to access a remote environment with AGD?

There is no need of installing any software or plugin, so if a computer is capable of browsing the web, it is capable of using AGD. As the processing is carried out by the server that is executing the desired application or operative system, the user´s computer is freed of all that process load. That is to say, applications and systems with a really heavy load of processing can be executed in basic computers being totally transparent for the user.

Is it possible to set secure policies?

Of course, by means of the centralized administration console personalized policies can be configured, like: character and sentence filter, download, upload and printing permits, copy and paste permits, etc.

What can I access remotely?

So full desktops as individual applications can be accessed remotely. This way, you can offer the user what he really uses, without the need to pay license fees for the software that is not used.

There are many applications to access a remote desktop, what differentiates AGD?

AGD doesn´t need the installation of any software or plugin in the user´s computer, only a web browser is needed, regardless of the platform or operative system used. In addition, thanks to IC Tech, an isolation between the user´s computer and the remote environment is performed, preventing this last one from being infected

What is AGD?

AGD serves remote applications of full desktops which can be accessed with a simple web browser in a complete secure manner

How easy is it to access the AGU? Will my employees have to enter Identification and remember another password?

AGU can use the identification system that is already installed in the company. Furthermore, AGU can facilitate access to workers who are out of the office, as it can automatically perform the identification through external protection systems.

Does it also protect my employees out of the office?

If, even if employees are out of the office AGU can protect their browsing.

What is AGU?

AGU isolates employee browsing sessions, both if they connect inside and outside of the company, so that the web based threats cannot be introduced into their devices and the organization’s internal systems are kept secure.

Is it compatible with analytics software?

It can be fully integrated with any web analytics software such as Google Analytics

Supposing I secure only the browsing part. Would I lose the session data when entering or leaving the AGS?

Absolutely not. AGS has methods to transport the browsing session data, with which it is not necessary to identify yourself again.

I just want to secure part of my web service. Can I do so with AGS?

Yes, of course. AGS enables protection of only some parts of the web service displayed. Therefore the concurrence in the AGS will be less and the sensitive parts of the service will be perfectly protected.

I have a web application that is obsolete and I do not trust publishing it on the Internet. How can AGS help me?

AGS protects the malware that may be present in the user’s device as proprietary vulnerabilities of the application. If we have a vulnerability present in our application, whether known or not, AGS will not allow the possibility of it being used.

What is AGS?

AGS shields your company web applications that are run by any external user, isolating them from any threat present in their device and protecting them from proprietary vulnerabilities.

Does the product offer any kind of audit?

The product makes video recordings of user sessions, providing a full forensic audit.

Does the product offer any kind of tracking?

The technology performs full tracking of the events occurring. This tracking is exportable to a SIEM.

Can I still maintain the security policies of my proxy, such as, for example, blacklisted websites?

Of course, the product supports the installation of browser certificates issued by any certifying authority

Can I configure the product to browse securely through HTTPS protocol?

Of course, the product supports the installation of browser certificates issued by any certifying authority.

Is it compatible with proxies?

The technology allows redirection from a proxy, to browse towards it or to do both at the same time.

Do I have to change my network architecture in order to integrate the product?

Not at all, the product is designed to have minimal impact on the IT security structure of the organization.

Is it possible to set security policies?

From the administration console you can manage security policies easily and intuitively. Therefore, from a centralized environment, we can manage, for example: file download and / or upload policies, printing permissions, filtering of character input strings, etc.

How do I administer the product?

The product has a very easy to handle and intuitive graphic administration console, in which system configuration and monitoring tasks can be performed.

Nowadays, the vast majority of products are based on pieces of external software. What external parts are used in your products?

In our Core product no software is used that has not been written by us. We do not use third-party programmes or libraries; all software used in the technology is developed by Randed. This allows us to have total control over the product and to be sure that no vulnerabilities are introduced in any part that would make the product insecure.

What kind of virtualization do you use to achieve isolation?

No type of virtualization, operating systems or containers are used. The isolation is achieved by processes that transform information. Therefore, the system resources are very much optimized without them having to be employed in managing multiple running environments.

OK, I believe that it isolates me from all malware, but how is the appliance itself protected?

The appliance contains a number of mechanisms to protect itself from any infection. All software running in the machine is controlled by a piece of own technology which block any program not allowed.

What types of installations support the appliance?

The appliance can be installed by using a virtual machine “on-premise”, i.e. within the organization itself or it can be deployed as a SaaS cloud-based service. We are also going to have a physical appliance ready very soon.

¿ Which operating systems work in RITech?
RITech is not an installable software, it´s an appliance. That is, a closed, armored and protected system that contains his own execution environment.

What do I need to install on my computer to use IC Tech?

You do not need to install any software or plugin to benefit from the technology. You only need to have a web browser installed.

Which browsers are compatible?

Any web browser that supports HTML 5.

These are the older versions of the most popular browsers that support HTML5: Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 12, Firefox 4, Opera 12.10, Safari 5.1.

Which operating systems are compatible?

Any operating system that has a web browser is compatible.

What devices are compatible?

Any device that contains a web browser is compatible with the technology.

What do I gain by using this technology?

With this technology you have the peace of mind that no malicious software is going to affect you. Whether you want to protect a service published on the web, which would be isolated from potential threats on user terminals, or your employee browsing, no malware existing on the internet will be able to penetrate your organization.

What is Randed Isolation Technology?

RITech or Randed Isolation Technology is the isolating technology created by Randed. In addition to giving great security to the system it is included in, as a principle all of the applications required by users can be accessed and managed from any device, in a controlled, secure and independent manner, simply by using a web browser.controlada, segura e independiente mediante, únicamente, un navegador web.

What is Isolation?

Isolation, as a security measure, is a technique in which certain parts of a system separates isolating some parts from others, so that if a part turns out to be infected, the rest is not affected.

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