What does it mean to be disruptive?

The term “disruptive” applied to companies, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, change the traditional way in which the industry operates, offering a new and effective approach.

So why do we say we are a company with disruptive technology?

From Randed we think that what makes the difference is the exclusivity of our technology as well as the disruptive that this is. It is disruptive since it is something new in the cybersecurity sector. Something that raises a new point of view that had not been touched yet / explored so far and that bursts into the market like a breath of fresh air.o y que irrumpe en el mercado como un soplo de aire fresco.

In fact, we demonstrate this in the different events we have been going through this year: RSA, DES

What makes our RITech unique?

It is a solution with a new, more proactive strategic approach based on not focusing on analyzing and / or detecting the problem, but on preventing threats from reaching their objectives before it is too late.

To do this, we create an environment completely isolated, transparent and accessible to everything we want to protect. Thus, any unknown external factor is considered as a possible threat, thus ensuring the total isolation of our objective.

RITech achieves:

  • Reinvent the way you surf the Internet or access any application.
  • Access from any device, operating system, browser …

Additional Features:

  • No need for software or plugins to be installed.
  • Rendering in flight.
  • Continuous traceability.
  • Recording sessions.
  • All these characteristics only reinforce our disruptive technology.

The team behind Randed

At Randed we are developers of our own technology.

Our team is formed by great technical professionals from different sectors such as: Cybersecurity, Gaming, hacking…

In addition, the founders of our company, all come from the field of cybersecurity. Sector in which they have many years of experience.

We can say that our company is composed of a very prepared team able to meet the demands of a market in soaring .

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