Last week, from the 23 th to the 25th of May, took place in Madrid the DES 2017, the Digital Business World Congress and Randed was there.

The current situation

As the domestic technology has been growing up very quickly this effect has not been reflected in the business world. DES 2017 is a congress that suppose a big opportunity to link these businesses world.

What is DES?

DES is the acronym of Digital Business World Congress. This year 2017  was the second edition.

This Digital Congress was created due the digital transformation that the companies and Public Institutions are dealing with and in order to survive in today’s world must follow.

It is present as a global platform that gives the opportunity to connect different companies such as SME’S, multinational and start-up with all kind of attendees.

During the 3 days you have the possibility of joining the different speaking and presentations that takes place in a few stages, with different speakers talking about Digital, technology, cybersecurity and a lot of other topics.

What kind of company can attend?

DES is a congress which you can join as an exhibit or a visitor. Both options are a good way of learning a bit more about how Digital is transformation the businesses and the world in which we life.

What means for Randed?

It was such a really nice experience in an international context with big companies from the same and different field.

We were at the booth 232 with other Spanish companies from the Cybersecurity field. Once again, we were presented our exclusive  technology RITech to all the people that stop by.

Our speaking slot

At DES 2017 we also have the great opportunity of giving a speaking slot presenting our company, our technology, how it works, where the idea came from…

a lot of questions that help to understand the product that we develop. This speaking slot of 25 minutes was given by Fernando Sanchez, Randed’s COO and also one of Randed founders.

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