What is cyberslacking?

Cyberslacking refers to the use of corporate resources during working hours for non-work-related activities such as access to social networks, personal emails, instant messaging apps or videos.

The increasing use of the Internet makes it more difficult to control cyberslacking. While there are tools and solutions that help companies to monitor employee activity online, there is still no way to completely prevent the misuse of company resources. How can companies prevent the misuse of social networks in an era in which the business strategy implies their use?

The effects and consequences of cyberslacking

The loss of productivity is only one of the problems generated by cyberslacking. An improper use of the corporate network can put the security of the entire company at risk. Some of the most immediate consequences of cyberslacking are:

  • Productivity: Cyberslacking costs companies one billion in lost productivity. The clearest example of the impact of cyberslacking on productivity can be found on key days such as Black Friday. 
  • Financial cost: Any drop in productivity leads to a fall in income. The time that an employee dedicates to make an improper use of the internet are hours in which he is not generating business for the company and, therefore, money that the company is losing. 
  • Infrastructure: The misuse of corporate resources is a great risk for companies. Most employees, inexperienced in security issues, are unaware of the level of security of the websites they visit and the risk that it entails for the company. 

How can we protect ourselves against cyberslacking?

Some of the measures that companies are taking to try to protect themselves against cyberslacking are:

  • Many companies use surveillance software to monitor their employees´ browsing sessions. 
  • Proxy-type solutions or categorizers to restrict access to inappropriate sites.
  • Definition of codes of conduct and implementation of disciplinary measures

But…Is it possible to allow responsible use of the web without risking the security of the company? 

With RITech, yes. Randed´s isolation technology protects the corporate network from the possible undue or irresponsible use that its employees may make of the Internet.

In addition, the possibility of tracking user sessions with RITech, allows companies to apply more personalized measures and know which employees are making improper use of it.

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