Randed at #RSAC17

In Randed, we had the opportunity to take part in the most important event of our field, la RSA Conference 2017, San Francisco. We were there for three days in a stand at the south pavilion of the Moscone Center. It were three days full of work in which we check out the current importance of the cybersecurity in the governmental and multinational corporative level.

The professionalization of the different threats present on the web, linking with the monetization and contributions inside of  underlying market for sensitive information traffic , is creating a severe security problems. This affects not only to the critic sectors such as financial entities also is putting in risk the National Security of some countries in the world.

Due to this fact, the protection action base on detection and analyze uses until today in cybersecurity are not enough. It is so much harder to face this kind of threats. The solution should come from Web Isolation. Having shielded applications and navigation season completely isolated.

In Randed we are aware of this problem and we have chosen to offer disruptive solutions based on the creation of a real isolated environment. So it is not necessary detect what is good and what is bad, we just assume that everything that is under out isolated environment will be secure.

What is exactly Web Isolation?

“The creation of a shielded and isolated environment that allows the companies to expose them business web applications without any kind of risk, offering to the internal user of any company to browsing in a secure way on to the internet.”

Furthermore, If to this fact we add the possibility of using the Web Isolation technology, which does not require the installation of software of plugging. In addition the user will only need a web browser to access to the isolated applications or browsing to internet in a secure way . All this process thanks to the in-flight rendering, we just have as a result what we have called as  Randed Isolation Technology (RITech) .

When the time pass this term is coming more popular. For this reason from Randed we are doing a background work in order to approach this kind of technology to any company which wants to go a step further in shielding services expose to internet and also isolating the information systems.

Follow up this background that we are working on, our technology RITech  is present on each of the products that we develop AGS, AGU y AGD. Which fulfil the isolating critic function and the secure access for any company:

Shielding applications or web services expose to internet(AGS), secure browsing for the internal company users (AGU) and the creation of isolated and personalized work environment for each user (AGD).

In conclusion, a  week after the RSA Conference, we can claim that the interest showed for all the companies and people that came to visit us were really high. This fact allow us to keep working and growing up in what we think that is going to be the future of the web, Randed Isolation Technology

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