It is becoming increasingly common to hear people talking about acronyms like CISO, CTO, CEO, CSO, CDO…but, What do they mean? What are the differences between each of the roles? Who should we contact in each case?

All these acronyms are security roles in an organization. Having said that, let´s explain the meaning and responsibilities of each of them:

CEO- Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is the main responsible for managing a company and, therefore, is ultimately responsible for the results and performance of a company.

CIO- Chief Information Officer

The Director of Information Technology is responsible for aligning information technologies with the company´s strategy. This person focuses on improving the efficiency of processes and on the analysis of new technologies.

CSO- Chief  Security Officer

CSOs are in charge of Corporate Security. Their main responsibility is to guarantee the physical and technical security, and for that they must identify what assets they need and how to protect them.

CISO- Chief Information Security Officer

This role is one of the most recently created organizational roles. The main role of CISOs is to monitor and analyze the risks that a company face in order to guarantee data and information protection.

CTO- Chief Technology Officer

CTOs are responsible for information technology. This role is quite similar to that of a CIO, but the approach in this case is more technical.

CDO- Chief Data Officer

It is the role that has probably been created most recently but it is having great projection. According to Gartner, in 2014 only 400 of the main organizations had a CDO, but it is expected that by 2019, 90% will have this figure.

The CDO is the person in charge of the data strategy (protection & privacy).

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