If something characterizes Spain, it is its large number of SMEs.


Of Spanish companies have less than 250 employees (which represents more than 65% of Spanish GDP).

Due to its low cost and high profitability, more and more SMEs have their own website and/or online shop. However, a common mistake among them is not investing enough in security.

One of the biggest risks that SMEs face today is to believe that, due to their size, they are not attractive to hackers. Nothing is further from the truth, according to INCIBE, only in 2016:


SMEs were attacked


The average cost per attack was

The growing exposure of SMEs to the Internet may no longer be a risk with RITech, the best web isolation technology.

“According to the Ponemon Institute, 60% of European  SMEs that suffer a cyberattack, disappear in the next 6 months”.

How can RITech help SMEs?

Cybersecurity for SMEs

  • With RITech, your website will be isolated from any threat. Your employees browsing sessions will be executed on our server so that their devices will only receive images, eliminating any possible risk of infection.
  • If the device of an external user or potential customer is infected, RITech will block any attempt of the threats to infect your site.
  • Robots will not be able to capture relevant information from your website (product portfolios, price lists, etc.).
  • Thanks to RITech, your website (or parts of it) will no longer copied.
  • Browser-specific elements can be customized (dialog boxes, file downloads, etc.).
  • Since your website will be protected and no web-based malware can infect it, your devices will always be secure. This is especially important if we think about the information these devices usually have (confidential data, customer information, etc)

And, best of all, we can still give you many more reasons, contact us for more information. Do not take unnecessary risks.

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