In the year 2016 100.000 incidents were detected in Cybersecurity fields. Which means lossess of  1 billion of euros.

The Cybersecurity field is becoming essential in all companies regardless of the sector that they belong: Finance and banking, retail, large companies, FMCG, consulting… It doesn’t matter which is the field of your company.

The important point is the security of all the company’s devices and servers. Having good protection in order not to be attack for any kind of malware or hacker.

According to INCIBE, the Cybersecurity field is growing in Spain by   an annual 12% and gives employment to 42.500 professionals.

Due to this boom in Cybersecurity, companies working in this field need more and more skilled workers to cope and adapt to rapid changes. However, it is these same companies that find themselves unable to resolve the lack of competition by not incorporating their teams into the new generations. Generations that are well-formed and prepared to deal with.

It is not necessary to go t companies to talk about attacks on Cybersecurity. Without going any further our daily lives are already interconnected with different devices, mobile, tablet, PC, Smart TV … in short IoT has arrived to stay in our personal life.

In fact, many times we have all the devices connected to each other, for example with the email account, or some bank cards. Well, something as innocent as this can be targeted by a malware attack.

This is just an example of one of the situations in which we can be aware of the real importance that the Cybersecurity is reaching in our lives.

Currently we talk about a few devices but what will happen when our entire kitchen or our home are interconnected with our mobile?

These are increasingly important issues. That is why companies should start to have young people who understand the real situation, the possibilities and solutions that can be given.

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