The companies are evolving, we can see that there are a lot of new types of companies almost every day. The oldest ones are working through to a quick digital transformation with all that it means if we talk in Cybersecurity point of view.

Susceptible problem:

With all these changes, that involve all kind of personal and confidential information, it is really easy to imagine that we are dealing with a susceptible process in which all security that the company may have, it will not be enough.

In numbers:

As a report from the Consultancy Juniper shows, the Global spending on Cybersecurity will reach almost $ 135 billion in 2022, compared with $ 93 billion for this year. However, over the next five years, data breaches will have cost businesses accumulative of $ 8 billion in fines, lost business, and remediation costs.

For example, in Spain only the 38% of the Board Directors are involved in aspects related with company security. This number only highlight the reality of the companies.

What is the reality?

After seeing this report, we understand that the companies, although are increasing the expenditure items, are not ready yet to deal with all the process that involves being secure against any kind of malware or threat that  a company can be exposed to. At the end, any kind of company,it doesn’t matter the field or country in which they are, it can be a target for any kind of hacker.

How can the Cybersecurity companies help me?

That is the reason why at this point the companies from the Cybersecurity fields are important because at the end, we are the answer to an existing problem.

Cybersceurity companies are ready to deal with all kind of currently problems that companies of other sectors can have. The reason is that there are different companies for each specific problem, with the qualify people, services and products in order to help you.

So if you have any Cybesecurity problem, don’t hesitate to request help.

So what is next?

The first step is to educate the Responsible of Security in the company showing them what kind of alternatives and options they have in order to fight against the problem.

Once that you are inside of the company and you had already educated the Responsible, going to other departments and workers, it is a good idea. With this action is going to be easier to protect all the aspect of your company.

What is coming next is to have a specific Cybersecurity strategy for each company. This will make more secure and efficient companies.

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