security issues

While it is true that no two companies are alike, most of them have to face the same security issues. In today´s post we will see how to solve them with IC Tech.

By converting the information source of user sessions to jpg/video format, we prevent content from being blocked incorrectly. On the contrary, with IC Tech we can also ensure that what is delivered to the user is 100% secure

By isolating legacy applications, IC Tech does not allow any potential threat to enter or leave the environment and, therefore, the durability of obsolete applications critical to the business can be extended.

Phishing and social engineering

From now on, when employees access their webmail and click on a malicious link, the content will be executed in a secure environment so that potential threats will not be able to reach users devices.

BYOD Devices

By being able to isolate those web-based applications or services that contain critical data, we can stop worrying about the device that our employees use.

While the growth of SaaS and smartphones have introduced cheaper and simpler MFA solutions, it is still a problem.  Now, with IC Tech web isolation, there is no risk of credential theft, so MFA techniques are no longer needed.

GDPR Fines and Penalties

With IC Tech web isolation, companies will be protected against possible data breaches and will not have to face fines or penalties, nor will they have to hire insurance companies.

Unpatched Operating Systems

In an isolated environment, there are only images, so that no potential threats can benefit from the vulnerabilities of an obsolete OS

Web isolation is not going to prevent attacks from disappearing, quite the contrary, they will become increasingly sophisticated, however, with this new proactive approach, the ability of threats to cause damage will remain isolated in the remote browser.

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