Surely you have heard this word more than once in terms of computing terms and new technologies is concerned.

But what is really cloud? How does it work? Where is all the information we “stored” stored there? What are the risks?

We will start with the simplest.

What is cloud or cloud services?

Well cloud or services in the cloud is just a way of storing data, such as documents, photos, presentations … in short everything you want to keep but not stored on your physical device, is stored in a virtual machine at the which is called a cloud or cloud service.

In this way, we allow computer services through a certain network, which in many cases is the Internet.

Types of cloud

There are three different types of cloud. Each of them responds to the use that you want to give and it covers specific needs. Therefore at the time of elegor we must always analyze which is the one that best suits the needs to be covered.

These types are:

Private Cloud: Exclusive access for a company, organization or a series of individuals.

Public Cloud: Access to anyone who wants it. Without restrictions

Cloud Hybrid: This is a mixture of the two previously mentioned.

It really depends on the needs and the utility that will be given. As well as the type of information you want to keep and whether, among the options, you want to share with more people or not.

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