The appearance of categorization solutions has significantly reduced the risk to which companies are exposed.

By applying certain filters and creating either white or black lists, categorization software decides whether a user can access the requested url or, on the contrary, if that site must remain blocked. The objective of this process is always the same: to reduce the risk involved in accessing malicious or unknown sites.

Notwithstanding, while it is true that categorization tools help mitigate part of the problem, they don´t eradicate it and pose a dilemma. IT Administrators have no option but to choose between:

  • Apply a very strict and restricted filter policy. By doing so, risks are minimized, but frustration among users increases. This frustration, in turn, results in the creation of numerous tickets, requests and complaints.
  • Make exceptions and allow access to uncategorized sites. Sometimes and, to satisfy or avoid complaints, IT administrators make exceptions and allow access to uncategorized sites. These exceptions, in addition to involving great risks, imply high costs, not only for the need to create and maintain additional alerts, but also for having to sanitize infected devices as well.

At Randed, we have the solution to this problem: RITech.   categorization 

By integrating our isolation technology with the existing categorization tools, we can:


Eliminate any potential risk


Allow access to those sites users need to perform their daily tasks


The increased flexibility of access policies reduces users’ frustration and unhappiness.


Reduce the workload of IT administrators, so they can focus on more strategic tasks

How do we do it?  categorization

Categorization software acts as a first filter that allowa users to access all sites that had been previously classified as secure. When users want to access a risky, new or unknown site, this site will be automatically served within an isolated environment.

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