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For some time now we have been talking about AGS, AGU and AGD but…

What is AG or Air Gap?

To find the origin of the term air gap we need to go back 30 years. It was then when the expression was used for the first time by the North American army.

At that time, critical networks (such as military weapons or confidential data) were physical separated.  One of the soldiers was responsible for moving the information from one network to another.

That person, extracted the tapes or diskettes of information from one network and physically introduced them into another.

The physical space that separated two networks was called “air gap”.

Over time, the word “air gap” has evolved but is still a security measure.

Today, when we talk about “air gap we are referring to the process through which we protect a network system by separating (isolating) it logically and physically from any other network.

Why Air Gap?

At Randed, we coined this term more than 4 years ago to explain our technology from a philosophical perspective. If we apply the concept of physical spaces of air between two networks to the digital world, we have, as a result “air gaps” between the web and users. By separating the platform on which we render the web content of the devices or corporate networks, users can use the browser but without having direct access to it.

As a result of all this, potential threats will no be able to reach their target

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