Secure browsing

AGU isolates employee browsing sessions, both if they connect inside and outside of the company, so that web based threats cannot be introduced into their devices and the internal systems are kept secure.

It prevents web based threats from the possibility of being introduced into company employee devices

How it works
AGU Transformation process

AGU enables companies to be protected from the cyber attacks received in user devices by isolating and running all of the web content within a controlled platform, monitored and managed by the entity. The process adopted is as follows:

Phase 1
Access to external servers

The company user accesses and browses the web without the need to install any type of software, in a completely transparent manner, regardless of the device, operating system or browser used.

Phase 2
AGU transformation

AGU transforms the code for each web page visited, in an accessible, secure and transparent presentation layer, without altering the user's browsing experience.

Phase 3
Shield and browser monitoring

Therefore, we ensure that the user is going to browse securely, without compromising the company's information structure and, furthermore, auditing the entire browsing session performed.

What AGU contributes


Internal users, therefore, are protected against any external threat; the browsing sessions remain completely isolated from the user station. This system, in addition to all the features of Randed Isolation Technology, includes the following specific features:

  • User station protection

    AGU prevents any threats from being introduced in the company, isolating the different browsing sessions that each one of the company's internal users performs.

  • Managing web policies

    AGU offers a centralization system of web policies in order to facilitate, manage and monitor the company's web security from a single point.

  • Download monitor

    Air Gap User includes a configuration tool to manage and monitor downloads made by the user during each session.

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