Once explained AGS, we will move on to AGU, other of the three products based on our disruptive technology RITech. AGU is designed to prevent web threats from entering the company’s devices and, to do so, it isolates employees´ browsing sessions, whether users are physically  in the office or not.

By isolating and executing all web content within a controlled platform, monitored and managed by the organization, AGU guarantees that companies are fully protected against cyber-attacks received on users’ devices.

But how does it work?
Step 1: Access
Step 2: Transformation

Before being delivered to the user, AGU transforms the code generated in each web page into an accessible, secure and transparent presentation layer.

Step 3: Delivery

As a result, users can browse securely, without compromising the company’s information structure. AGU also offers the possibility of auditing the entire browsing session.

As in the case of AGS, the entire process is done in real time and without altering the user’s experience.

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