Shielded environments

AGS shields of all your company web applications that are executed by any external user, isolating them from any threat in your device and protecting them from proprietary vulnerabilities.

It isolates any possible threats present in external users' devices accessing your web applications

How it works
AGS transformation process

AGS enables the protection of all web applications required by the user, transforming the source of this information in real time into an accessible, secure and transparent presentation layer.

Phase 1
External user access

The external user gains access to the web application or service that our company has published on the Internet (online banking, authenticated access, extranet, etc.) with his device from any browser.

Phase 2
AGS transformation

AGS attains transformation of the information source from the web application run by the user, in a secure, accessible presentation layer, without changing the user browsing experience.

Phase 3
Internal and external shielding

Therefore, we can be sure that the application is going to be run within a secure, controlled and non-contaminated environment. Protecting both the accessed network and the user from possible threats.

What AGS provides


The system is easily integrated into a network security structure, therefore, no alterations to the previous elements are required and it means providing full transparency for the user in the access and use of the service. This system, in addition to the general features, complies with the following specific features:

  • Applications shield

    AGS is able to isolate web applications from risks generated by user devices

  • Download monitor

    It includes a configuration tool to manage and monitor downloads made by the user during each session.

  • Character filtering

    It includes a method of filtering character sequence to protect the application's proprietary vulnerabilities.

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