AGS is one of the three products developed based on our RITech disruptive technology. It is designed to shield web applications or services that are accessed by external users, isolating them from any threat in users’ devices. But how does it do it?

Step 1

External users access with their devices (regardless of the form factor, it can be a Tablet, Laptop, Desktop PC or a Smartphone) from the browser they wish to use (AGS is compatible with all form factors and OS) to the web application or service (online banking, credentials registration, extranet, etc.).

Step 2

Before being delivered to the user, the source of information sent from the web application or service, is transformed by AGS into an accessible, secure and transparent presentation layer. Once this is done, it´s delivered to the user.

Step 3

We can confirm therefore that any web application or service isolated with AGS is executed within a safe, controlled and non-contaminated environment, protecting both the network accessed and the user, from possible threats.

It is important to highlight that the entire process is done in real time, without altering the user experience, and it is not necessary for the user to install or configure anything on their devices.

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