Once AGS and AGU have been explained, we will talk about AGD, the last of the 3 products developed based on our disruptive technology. The objective of AGD  is to provide users with logical and customized desktops to remotely access services, applications or complete operating systems, ensuring that the resources they really need are at their disposal in a secure way, wherever and whenever they want.

As a result, AGD leads to a significant increase in productivity of internal users, optimizes company’s resources and increases security protection against potential external threats.

But how does AGD work?

Step 1

The company sets logical, remote, secure and customized desktops based on the applications, services or full operating systems users need to accomplish their daily work.

Step 2

AGD brings together all these services, applications and operating systems, regardless of their format or the origin of the information, and each user works with them in a secure and transparent way simply through a web browser.

Step 3

Once each of the logical desktops is designed, AGD enables it to be used remotely and securely regardless of where the user is located.

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