Remote desktops:

AGD supplies the user with a logical and customized desktop that allows access to services, applications or entire operating systems remotely. By means of the IC Tech isolation technology, users have the resources available that they really need in a secure manner, where and whenever they want.

Access all of the applications needed for carrying out routine work in a secure, transparent and customized manner.

How it works
AGD transformation process

The process begins by selecting those applications or services needed by each user or user group for the development of their daily activities. Once this is completed, AGD uses RITech to give the user an isolated logical customized desktop, which is accessed simply through a web browser.

Phase 1
Selection of applications

The company sets a logical, remote, secure and customized desktop based on the applications, services or full operating systems that each user needs for performing their routine work.

Phase 2
AGD Transformation

AGD brings together all of these services, applications or operating systems regardless of format or information source origin and each user works with them securely and transparently simply through a web browser.

Phase 3
User service

Once each one of the logical writings are designed, AGD enables them to be used remotely and securely regardless of the time and place in which users find themselves, both internal and external.

What AGD provides


AGD, therefore, provides a logical desktop which enables better productivity of internal users, to optimize the company's resources and to increase security against potential threats derived from external user access. In addition, this product also has the following proprietary features:

  • Customized logical desktop

    AGD offers the possibility to supply each company user with their own logical desktop comprising of all of the applications and services that they really need.

  • Remote access

    Both internal and external users access each one of the applications and services available on their desktop simply by means of using a web browser.

  • Security centralization

    All activity performed in each one of the desktops available is monitored by the company based on the permissions granted to each user.

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